Though it’s only January in Georgia, it feels like spring is right around the corner. The forsythia bushes are starting to bloom, and vegetables planted in Fall are starting to grow.


This was my first attempt at growing over the winter, and I am sold. Carrot seeds, onion sets and young broccoli were planted in late September.  We had some temperatures in the 20’s  but already are seeing highs in the 70’s.

The plants have been left uncovered with the exception leaves from the pecan tree that blew into the garden, which I thought would insulate the plants a bit.  During a week when we had ice and a skip of snow,  I covered them with affordable plastic picked up at Ace Hardware.  Actually now that I think about it, the onions were left uncovered and the broccoli was covered with a wool blanket supported with wooden steaks and pvc pipe – the only option I could find after running out of plastic. If we get any more bad weather, I will cover everything with plastic again since it worked the first time. The carrots have grown tall enough that bigger supports will need to added to keep the weight of snow or ice  on the plastic from crushing or damaging the plants.


We do have to report that the bug/pollinator hotel fell over after a couple of weeks of hard rain, and will need to be rest deeper and with concrete this time. The bamboo and some of the bark fell out, so once its upright we can add more spaces for the pollinators. This will also give me a chance to add a section made from paint stirrers that *should* attract bees.




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