Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The quiet means something is going on. I looked back over my shoulder and there was Dan, the German Shepard, and Boo, the sometimes-bitchy red Border collie, in a tug of war with one of my white short socks.  It was short.

Dan pulled away and jumped with the dead sock in his mouth then ran through the living room past me and into the kitchen. He simultaneously jumped as he passed the pantry and flipped his head, sending the sock into the kitchen. As it slid to a stop against the cabinet, Dan hopped, like a rabbit, behind it. He grabbed it and ran back into the living room, where I could tell he ravaged it some more, but I could only tell by the sounds coming from behind me.  He came up to me, sitting at my desk, and put the slobbered sock on my leg, urging me to play.  I glanced down and established eye contact, but once I didn’t act it he walked off. Boo disappeared to her favorite chair, tired. Dan has gone to the right side of the couch, which is his favorite.

Willow is in the bedroom sleeping.  She is the yellow lab, the first of the bunch, and prefers napping to playing with Boo and Dan.  Often when they get loud and rowdy she will look at me with disgust.  I let her in the bedroom; she awkwardly jumps into bed and looks back at me as I close the door, just as I did earlier.

It’s later in the day and the dogs and I just came in from playing in the snow.

Not enough to play in, but still fun to go out and play in the big flakes. The dogs seem to enjoy it also.  Dan is sitting next to me as I type. He has water droplets all over him and they sparkle in his jet-black hair. He is clumsy. Again he has run into or bumped something, or maybe Boo got him, but he has a cut just below his right eye. This means that he has cut the top and bottom of each eye in the six months that I’ve had him. When he looks up at me its hard to notice the pink scratch.  He walked off, and through the kitchen, dining room and back into the living room where he is standing next to me again.  I don’t know if he wants to be dried off or wants to go back outside where he can chase birds and squirrels. He almost got a squirrel this morning, surprising that he could be that agile outside.  He is still sitting next to me, looking out the kitchen window at the snowflakes.

Dan came here to live out of necessity in the Fall as a stray that my boyfriend found. He brought a certain amount of chaos to his home, already filled with two dogs. Since my home lives in chaos, and since Dan did something, very very wrong, it made sense to bring him here.  He is back and sitting by me again. I believe he is a companion dog, which I’ve always heard of but never noticed until now. As I am cleaning he follows me around. When I stop to pay attention to something on the TV he stands by my side, looking in the same direction as me like he is waiting for something to catch his attention as well or maybe he is content to stand there as long as he is with someone. Not long after he was found I was outside with him and some kids walked by.  One looked at him and said “Hey – Its Rex!” but then kept walking without concern. It’s unfortunate that Dan can want someone like that but someone didn’t want him.  I think ill give him a bowl of ice.  Nothing thrills him like a bowl of ice.


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