A month or so ago we posted drawings for a custom quail coop that was going to be built by a local vocational center. Unfortunately, this did not work out due to cost, and since then we have been looking for new options. The custom coop was going to cost about $140 and was being built with 2″ furring strips, which we weren’t sold on since the coop was 6′ long.

The easy answer is to build a simple coop myself, but allergies make this a tough decision, so we’ve decided to go with an affordable rabbit hutch found on eBay that we will improve for quail. The hutch was delivered, and was a bit of a disappointment, but after a week of sharing the living room with it, we have come up with a design that should work well! (See pic above)  This coop cost us $65 including shipping, and with additional items should land at about $95. 

Note: While we were disappointed with the hutch when it arrived, it is a completely acceptable rabbit hutch. The disappointment was only in the changes needed to convert the hutch into a quail coop and not with the product.

So, lets talk about exterior/structural alterations that will be made. Interior changes will be determined after we have quail and have seen how they will use it.

  • Because it is only about 15” deep, we will extend it by about 10” to give the quail a little more room – this will also let us more room for water, branches, etc.
  • All of the wire will be replaced with .5” hardware cloth to make it harder for the quails feet to be damaged, and to keep critters out.
  • Wire will be added to the bottom of the coop, and the entire box will be lifted off the ground and placed on posts.
  • The roof will be covered with a crap piece of Ondura roofing.
  • Hardware will be switched out with stronger options.
  • Some corners will need to be reinforced and some joints will need caulk.

As with most projects, dad will be coming down to help out. Most of the supplies needed for these changes we already have lying around. Working at a local hardware store was awesome due to the fast I could make offers on damaged items and collected a good amount of clearance items that have been stashed in the shed. With all of these changes, the only item we will need to go purchase new is caulk and hardware cloth.

More to come as we actually start making enhancements on the hutch!


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