If nothing else, 2016 has taught me to have a backup plan, and backup plans for that plan. Maybe it’s teaching me not to plan at all. As I enter 2017, I carry uncertainty with me, and am unable to remember a time when so many aspects of life – employment, health, family, even the state I will reside in – has been in disarray. It’s like a slow-motion trip, and realizing mid-fall that you are going down, but you can do nothing but anticipate the impact. 
That being said, I have an amazing amount to be thankful for, and am optimistic enough to think that all of those unknowns will lead to change that could lead to even more happiness and contentment.  
So while I won’t miss 2016, I also won’t curse it. I will just nod goodbye and trust that it will help me to appreciate the good times to come. 


4 thoughts on “An optimistic goodbye to 2016. 

  1. Hey there, I’m glad to know you’re doing good. I’m Isa btw. We used to chat on whatsapp. Hope you’ll have a great year ahead.


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