Our suburb of Atlanta often feels more like a small town than a city of roughly 50,000 within sight of downtown’s high-rises. In the dozen or so years we have lived here, we can see the community coming together to provide more entertainment and shopping options for the residents. About a year ago I decided that instead of watching everyone else’s efforts that I would jump in and participate in the neighborhood association.

I’ve also started volunteering at the farmer’s market, which has been much more fun than expected. There are usually about 20 vendors that serve everything from handmade aromatics to sun chokes to grass-fed meats. It’s great to meet the people who grow your food and talk about recipes and will be available next week. You can see how excited they are to talk about their product.  One aspect of the market that is new to me, and is a huge benefit to our neighborhood is that they work with Wholesome Wave to help those that receive food benefits double their money at the market so they can buy more nutritious food.  Since work has been unstable for me this last year, I can appreciate how meaningful that can be, and I really respect their work. If you are curious you can learn more about the program by clicking here to visit Wholesome Wave Georgia.

On top of promoting the community and local businesses, I wanted to volunteer at the market because I have horrible, HORRIBLE, eating habits and it gives me more access to fresh vegetables and less-processed foods. Yesterday I picked up some sun chokes, which I’ve never made before, Wenk’s Hot Yellow peppers, cinnamon basil and mint. The basil and mint have been cleaned and put in the freezer.  The Wenk’s hot yellow have a bit less heat than jalapeno and ended up in a chicken and basil rice bowl, which was fantastic. (pic below) The sunchokes will probably end up roasted, but according this Seriouseats.com article, they can be pickled or pureed like a potato.  Mmm, pickles. Maybe that’s the next post.




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