People that call Vermont home are called Vermonters. People who live in Georgia are Georgians. While I appreciate my time in Georgia, I don’t recall ever calling myself a Georgian, or an Atlantan. Often when people ask me where I’m from, I tell them West Virginia, which is odd since I’ve lived in Georgia for roughly 21 years now, longer than the 19 lived in West Virginia. It’s because I feel that West Virginia embodies more of what I am on the inside, and as I get older, what I want out of my future.
This week I am writing from Burlington, Vermont. Lake Champlain and New York’s mountains are outside my window. Several things have been written today and then delated that try to explain how i feel here. Comfortable? Home? I’m not sure I would say it feels like “home”, but I can’t help but think that this is what a “square peg in a square hole” must feel like. It just fits.
In some ways, Vermont has learned to embrace many of the things that West Virginia gets criticized for. There is an interest in the old ways of life, in sustainability, pride in the people and products of the area, and an appreciation of individuality while still working as a community. It makes me wonder if West Virginia has a similar future.
The mountains and valleys are beautiful and filled with orchards. The people have been very
friendly and helpful. The food is organic and local, but most importantly they are delicious.
While having a cider at an eatery by the water, the bartender told me she moved here because she liked what Vermont was doing socially and environmentally and that she wanted to be a part of it and after this week I completely understand what she means. 
Photo is The Shelburne Museum’s round barn. Shelburne, VT. 



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