A few months ago, a friend offered up peppadew (or pepperdew?) plants for free. Of course I jumped on it and planted it in one of the raised beds in the old section of the garden. This morning, while checking on my bug-eaten beans, I noticed that one of the peppadews was ripe!

But what exactly do I do with a peppadew? I love peppers, but I’ll admit that I’d never heard of this guy and had no clue what do it with it.  Generally I take peppers, chop them and freeze them to be cooked with later, but research pushed me in the direction of pickling. If timing works out, the peppadews will end up in the banana peppers dad and I plan to can in a month or so. If they are ready before we are, they will find a home in the freezer or in a pot of beans.

If you’re curious, this Chowhound article offers the following description:

“…they’re a branded pepper (observe the registered trademark notation after the name) originally discovered in South Africa. Cherry tomato–size, maraschino-red Peppadews are often available hulled, seeded, and pickled in brine (Peppadew International Ltd. has a branded line it calls Piquanté). They stay pretty crisp in the pickle brine, and the hot ones are about as spicy as pickled jalapeños, though with enough natural sweetness to balance the burn.”

OK, now its time for the “over-watered garden” half of this post. The beans, and even the peppadew above, has leaves that are turning yellow.  Since pests have been eating the beans, I assumed that they were to blame, or possibly that I over-soaped the plants trying to eliminate the critters. When the peppadew started losing its color, I knew that wasn’t the case. By my research, it looks like the garden is getting too much water.  Last weeks drizzle turned into a good, steady rain and it came just a day after a thorough watering. The plan is to leave it alone for a week and see what happens.







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