Today looks like Fall, though its still warm – highs in the 90’s – and humid. The spring garden did horribly, but the Fall garden is doing well. These beans were planted August 9, 2016, and have grown to the top of the bamboo trellis. Just as they’ve started to bloom, bugs have started eating the leaves. I haven’t seen the culprits yet, but I’m starting basic and this morning sprayed the plants with a mix of soap and water. 1 tsp dish soap to a quart of water.  My dad, who grew up on a small farm said to spray early, when the dew forces the bugs to the underside of the leaf. Getting up early didn’t work out, but there is a slow drizzle that I hope will have the same effect. The entire plant was sprayed, but focus was on the underside. We will see how it works out.



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